Daniel Lynch


MHG - Raintree - Corp

About Daniel Lynch

Over the past 35+ years, Dan has been a buyer, seller, agent, and broker of real estate in several parts of the United States.

Originally from California, Dan has lived in both Florida and Arizona where he has been a principal in a number of successful real estate transactions.

Dan’s background is in finance, project development, investments, healthcare and corporate leadership and is a keen problem solver when it comes to what looks like insurmountable odds.

Today you’ll find Dan looking for ways to help others in his community and beyond. Whether it’s in the area of real estate, non-profit leadership, or by mentoring and assisting future leaders in a variety of ways, Dan is always focused on elevating those he works with for their benefit.

If you can’t find Dan showing houses, lifting spirits, or developing programs you might find him at home in Ahwatukee with his wife and their pug Topper.